Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picture Perfect Cookies - Elizabeth

Sorry for being so absent lately - cooking has taken a back seat to school, work & house projects lately. However, I did want to share these beauties:

Best chocolate chip cookies

You might remember these chocolate chip walnut cookies I made a few months back. They tasted good, but looked so sad & pathetic. Since then, I've been wanting to overcome the embarrassment. So, when making another batch for the same person, I chose a new recipe - based on the pictures this time.

So. Wonderful.

They're Jaay's Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies. The only modification I made was to add about a cup and a half of chopping walnuts. That's it. So good. 

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  1. You might try a couple other modifications that I think improve the original even more...

    Use all Turbinado sugar instead of brown and white sugars.

    Add just a dash or three of cinnamon.

    Use chunked dark chocolate.

    Mix half all-purpose and half bread flour.

    I found that the texture is really nice with the Turbinado sugar.